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Wake Up to New Possibilities!


End Your Suffering and Limitations!


Integrate Your New Life!


Create Your Ultimate Future… NOW!


In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about the MC Method and how you can change your life on every level. Murray will take you on a journey to discover how you can awaken to the power and purpose of your own true nature and live free... NOW! 

Watch Murray talk about the course and what it can do for you NOW!


Jayde D.

“Murray gave me the opportunity to break underlying patterns that have undermined my success in the past. I was able to let go of the unhealthy emotions I had held since a child. This has allowed me to experience a new found energy, allowed my true sense of self to shine. I am now finally able to direct my energies on what I want; and not just on surviving.” 

What is the Problem?

If you are like most people, you are on a continuous journey of awakening and discovery in this lifetime.

The main problem that most of us face during this crazy process called life, is that we fail to fully come to the realisation and experience of our own true nature.

Our natural state of being is free from the fear and suffering of our own ego thinking. You may experience some kind of awakening to a new way of looking at life and you may experience some moments of peace and freedom.

However, you quickly get drawn back in to the mental and emotional suffering of the ego mind. This is the human condition that we must all learn to overcome!

Our Past Conditioning…

We are living through the pain of our past conditioning and the fear of an uncertain future.

We are bombarded with new information about how to make our lives better but we have no way of integrating the most basic truths of what actually makes us happy, fulfilled and free.

The result: we live with the frustrating sense of the possibility that we could be free of our own suffering, but we never seem to be able to consistently experience that kind of love, joy and peace that we are all seeking.

Therefore, we begin to seek for happiness externally to ourselves, looking to a world of impermanence to make us happy and fulfilled.

This is a disastrous recipe for almost certain fear, loss and unhappiness.    

What is the solution? 

The solution to this unhappy dilemma that we all face is actually quite simple. Realise your true nature and live in your natural state of being of love, joy and peace.

Sounds simple and easy, right? Simple but not easy for most of us. Why?

There are three main reasons why we struggle to live in a continuous state of self-realisation and the blissful freedom that comes with it.

Firstly, we fail to end our suffering. We fail to let go of the mental and emotional pain of our past and the fear of an uncertain future. We have identified with our thoughts and therefore we suffer.

The solution is to let go of all our negative emotions and limitations linked to our past and future. Most people don’t think that this is even possible or that it may take a lifetime of therapy.

Not true! With the right tools, strategies and guidance, you can very quickly let go of your emotional baggage and self-imposed limitations.

The Way of Ultimate Freedom…

In this course I show you specifically how to free yourself in the least amount of time.

The second reason why we struggle to live in a continuous state of self-realisation and blissful freedom is because we don’t integrate the new changes. Integration of new information and self-realisation is the key to lasting personal change.

There are many integration practices that help you to imbed and stabilise your awakening. I share these transformative practices in this course.

They allow you to integrate and experience these new truths about the nature of your own blissful state of consciousness. The third reason why we struggle to maintain our new found freedom is because we have no guiding way or path that is a clear method to follow.

The MC Method is a guide in the process of understanding where you are, and it offers a solution at each stage of your journey. That is why I call it “The Way of Ultimate Freedom”. 



The Way of Ultimate Freedom

In this course, Murray will fully explain his method for experiencing a life free of self-imposed limitations. It is the combination of 25 years of Murray's work condensed into this one course. You will learn how to, wake up, end your suffering and limitations, integrate your new life changes and start creating the life that you want and deserve. 

Murray will reveal to you to some of the most powerful tools and techniques for accelerated change and offer a framework and overall method to use them most effectively. He will help you discover where you are in the process and what you can do about creating lasting change and ultimate personal freedom for yourself and others.

It's Time To…

Enjoy the Thrill and Excitement of Taking Back Control of

Your Life and Destiny… NOW!


  • 25 Years of Results-Driven Experience

  • Leading Accelerated Change Specialist and Strategist

  • Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, HYP and HCT

  • Creator of Higher Conscious Therapy (HCT)

  • Creator of The MC Method (MCM)

Experience Plus!

Murray has personally trained and worked with doctors, psychologists, health professionals and has consulted CEO’s of some of the fastest growing companies in the nation including Business Award winners.

He has had the opportunity to assist professional entertainers, speakers, sporting hall of fame legends and people in the media and the film industry.



Full Course Description


NOW ONLY $29 Total


The Course Includes:

  • Video 1: Overview of the MC Method - You will learn why and how the method was developed. Murray will cover the overview of the 4 stages and their benefits.
  • Video 2: Stage 1. Wake Up to New Possibilities - Discover the process and the experience of waking up to a new truth and new possibilities. Murray will explain the tools, techniques and practices to maximise the effectiveness of this stage.
  • Video 3: Stage 2. End Your Suffering and Limitations - You will learn how to end the emotional suffering and limitations of your past and how to end the fear of the future that has been holding you back. Learn about the tools, techniques and practices to maximise the effectiveness of this stage.
  • Video 4: Stage 3. Integrate Your New Life - Discover how you can create lasting change through effectively integrating your new changes. Learn about the tools, techniques and practices to maximise the effectiveness of this stage.
  • Video 5: Stage 4. Start Creating - Now that you are free of limitations, you can start creating the life that you want and deserve. Murray will explain the tools, techniques and practices to maximise the effectiveness of this stage.
  • Next Steps Video Murray gives you more options following the completion of the course. It is important to integrate the changes that you have made and engage in strategies to continue to live free.
  • Video 1: Overview of the MC Method  
  • Video 2: Stage 1. Wake Up to New Possibilities
  • Video 3: Stage 2. End Your Suffering and Limitations
  • Video 4: Stage 3. Integrate Your New Life
  • Video 5: Stage 4. Start Creating
  • Next Steps Video
  • Easy to Follow Course Notes
  • Over 4.5 Hours of Video Content
  • Can View and Listen on PC, Phone or Tablet
  • TOTAL VALUE = $99
  • SAVE 70%

Kim C.

(Managing Director)

“As a promoter of some of the world’s finest international influencers, I’m constantly searching for someone with the ability to take people on an inspirational and life-changing journey. In Murray Collier I found this raw ability. If you have the opportunity to be part of any of Murray’s transformational programs then I highly recommend you take action and do it"

Watch the course and you will learn…


- The overview and effectiveness of the MC method. You will experience the result of 25 years of Murray's work condensed into this one course.  

- The process for waking up in the most effective and profound way. You will discover the different ways and internal drives for waking up and taking control of your life in the most affective way.

- How to end your suffering and let go of a lifetime of pain and limitations. You will learn about the most powerful tools on the planet for accelerated change and how to use them to transform your life… now!

- How to let go of your negative emotions such as Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Grief, Loss, Guilt, Low Self Worth and more. You will discover how to let go of any negative emotion and limiting beliefs using Murray's transformative method for change.

- How to integrate your new changes to experience lasting change. You will learn the secret of integrating lasting change for yourself and others.

- The process and techniques for experiencing your natural state of being. You will have the chance to experience your peaceful natural state of being that is free of the suffering ego.

- How to live in your true nature. You will learn how to experience your true nature that is already free, a nature that has a thrilling, loving, joyful and peaceful existence.

- How to live an integrated, balanced and self-realised life. Discover the ancient secrets to living an awakened and self-realised life. Know who you really are!

- The ability to start creating the life that you want and deserve. Learn how to create the life you want that is free from the limitations of your past and the fear of the future. Enjoy enriched and fulfilling relationships, career, adventure, health and wellness.

- Tap into unlimited creativity. You will discover how to create a future that is free from personal suffering and full of unlimited energy and creativity. Reignite the passion and joy of creating something worthwhile.   

- How to enjoy connecting with others that are going through the same process of awakening. You will learn the importance of connecting with others while you continue on this journey of discovery. The joy is in the journey with others!


You Will Also Learn...




You are not alone! Most people are unhappy, stressed, unfulfilled or dissatisfied with life, it is the human condition. Are you stuck in the dream of unhappiness? Allow Murray to guide you to awaken to  the power and purpose of your own true nature. You can wake up to new possibilities of a thrilling, loving, joyful and peaceful experience of life... now!



It's not enough to just wake up to new possibilities of your existence. We must end our personal suffering and free ourselves from the limitations of our past conditioning if we are to be truly free. Heal your past, let go of pain and discover who you really are. Murray can help you free yourself from the source of pain, suffering and limitations once and for all.   



Do you want your changes and new experience of freedom to last? The biggest mistake that most of us make is that we don't condition the new changes. Allow Murray to help you integrate and stabilise your new life experience by going beyond the limitations of the mind.  You will learn to integrate your natural state of being into your daily life.



The external world that we create is a reflection of our internal state of being. Now that you are free internally, it’s time to start creating the external life that you want to experience. We were born to purposefully create and have new life experiences. Murray will help you awaken to the power and purpose of your own true creative nature. Now anything is possible!

Maggie W.

(Speaker and Author)

“Murray adds his personal magic that touches many lives and will be hard to beat. Not only is he inspirational, but more importantly he is authentic and truly cares about those he is working with.”

Robert R.

(Business Owner)

I highly recommend anyone to work with Murray Collier and take advantage of his training courses, these courses are life changing experiences and Murray’s teaching methods are awesome. Thank you so much again for what has greatly impacted me.”

Mike M.


“Murray Collier is a man of immense ability and he is completely committed to bringing about positive change. He has great integrity and his dedication, drive and enthusiasm is totally unique.”

Who is this course for?


1. Anyone who is ready for change… Now! Are you ready for change now?

2. If you have tried changing things in your life before and were unsuccessful. Have you failed to make lasting changes in your life?

3. If you feel that you are in the process of waking up to new realities and need some guidance along the way. Do you feel that you need some guidance and help through your awakening process?

4. If you want to end your personal suffering and limitations that have kept you bound and unhappy for years. Do you have unresolved pain and suffering that you want to be free of now?

5. If you want to learn how to integrate, stabilise and live your new-found freedom without slipping back into old destructive habits of thinking and behaviour. Have you had the tendency to return to old destructive habits of thinking and behaviour?

6. If you want to learn how to start creating the life you want and deserve without the baggage and limitations that have stopped you in the past. Do you want to free yourself from limitations and learn how to create the life you really want?

7. If you are just curious about what this is all about. Are you curious or even excited about the possibility of exploring new thrilling, loving and joyful states of consciousness?   

If you have read this far, then you are still weighing up the value of the course and its many benefits for you.


Remember, anything of value is a worthwhile investment if it gets you the results you want. In this case, it is an investment in increasing your level of happiness, emotional health and learning how to create a thrilling future that is truly free.

To be honest with you, I am literally giving this course away for only $29. Clearly its value is much higher.

The reason?

Because I want to give you as much transformative information as I can for a minimal price.

My goal is to get the message out, that “you can live your life free of suffering and limitations and you can create the life that you want, experiencing your true nature that is already free.”

Click the link below now and allow me to guide you through the course at your own pace.

Let’s get started together on waking up to new possibilities, ending your suffering and limitations and freeing yourself to create the brilliant future you deserve.  

See you in the program!

Murray Collier



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