• 25 Years of Results Driven Experience

  • Leading Accelerated Change Specialist and Strategist

  • Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, HYP and HCT

  • Creator of Higher Conscious Therapy (HCT)

  • Creator of The MC Method (MCM)                                                                                   


Mike M.


“Murray Collier is a man of immense ability and he is completely committed to bringing about positive change. He has great integrity and his dedication, drive and enthusiasm is totally unique.”

For over 25 years, Murray Collier has been passionately committed to helping people improve the quality of their life experience through his trainings, group work and his one-to-one personal consultations. As a recognised authority on the “Psychology of Accelerated Personal Change” his extensive knowledge of people and human behaviour has allowed him to provide outstanding results for those he works with.

Murray has been awarded 9 international certifications in “Accelerated Change Technologies” including Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy (HYP) and other Time Line Technologies.  Murray has taken the best of what he has learnt over the years of working with people and has developed his own highly effective therapeutic method called “Higher Conscious Therapy” (HCT). HCT is a combination of the most powerful tools for personal change available, including new therapeutic methods and techniques developed by Murray Collier that have been designed to create the fastest and most effective lasting change.

Murray has also developed an overall Method for incorporating the accelerated change technologies into a profound process of personal transformation. He calls this overarching process “The MC Method” and it is now the foundation of his work.

Murray has personally trained and worked with doctors, psychologist, health professionals and has consulted CEO’s of some of the fastest-growing companies in the nation including Business Award winners. He has had the opportunity to assist professional entertainers, speakers, sporting hall of fame legends and people in the media and the film industry.

As an international speaker, Murray has addressed distinguished audiences including international politicians, psychology associations, world business leaders and executives from renowned companies such as NEC and Sanyo. He has also had the unique privilege of presenting to exclusive international business forums assisting in global change and trends.

At the age of 19, Murray established a youth support centre and developed programs for young people in the community to equip them with empowering life skills and to become leaders amongst their peers. For many years Murray gave his time to work with victims of abuse and those touched by tragedy, providing them hope for their future. He has established and led numerous life-changing support groups for men, women, families and under-privileged youth.

Frustrated with the speed and effectiveness of change in people through conventual counselling methods, Murray continued to vigorously pursue any information, methodology and tools that would speed up the process of effective and lasting change. Murray then began to further study, develop and train in what is now known as “Accelerated Change Technologies”, a unique set of methods and interventions that initiates change at the deepest level of the mind. More recently, Murray’s focus has been on taking the seemingly complicated field of “Accelerated Change Technologies” and making it simple, affordable, and accessible to anyone through his online trainings and products.
Murray now implements into his work the principles of Neuroscience, Metacognition, Neuroplasticity, Psychoneuroimmunology and Ancient Wisdom Traditions to improve the human experience. Increasing the quality of your life happens through the experience of the pure conscious energy in the body that creates a sustainable and enjoyable state of being that is free of ego.
Murray’s passion and drive to increase the quality of human experience comes from the realisation that most people live with some form of personal pain and suffering. This is caused by life circumstances and their own unconscious patterns of thinking. It is Murray’s life purpose to help end emotional suffering by raising levels of human consciousness through his methods, strategies and teachings.
As a result of many years of working with people, self-enquiry and meditation, Murray is now focusing on the phenomena of the nature of pure consciousness as experienced without the suffering ego. He seeks to answer the question “What is the nature of pure consciousness and how can we achieve it?”   

Murray’s Personal Mission and Purpose

“To end suffering and create personal transformation. To increase the quality of human experience through raising levels of consciousness.”


The questions of enquiry that have driven Murray's life work:

  • What drives human behaviour?
  • Why do people feel what they feel and do what they do?
  • What creates a positive or negative human experience?
  • What is the quickest and easiest way to make positive lasting changes?
  • How can we increase the quality of human experience?
  • What is the nature of pure consciousness, free of the ego?
  • How does awakened consciousness affect the quality of human life?
  • How does increased awareness affect the quality of human experience?
  • How can you raise the level of your personal consciousness and awareness?
  • How can we raise the level of the collective consciousness within our communities and the world to reduce suffering globally?
  • What are the answers to the world’s problems that is beyond the boundaries of the mind and ego?

Kim C.

(Managing Director)

“As a promoter of some of the world’s finest international influencers, I’m constantly searching for someone with the ability to take people on an inspirational and life changing journey. In Murray Collier I found this raw ability.  If you have the opportunity to be part of any of Murray’s transformational programs then I highly recommend you take action and do it"

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